Standard solution for an MRO management system

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Standard solution "Maintenance and repair of equipment" (MRO) based on SAP ERP platform is intended for managing fixed assets in order to ensure the specified reliability of process facilities and equipment operation, in turn reducing maintenance and repair costs.

The solution is one of the components of an integrated enterprise management system based on SAP ERP platform; it covers all organizational types and forms of coordinating equipment maintenance and repair activities, and enables a more hands-on, interactive approach to business processes such as economic forecasting and budgeting, logistics, statutory and financial accounting, asset management and investment management.

Integration of MRO management system with production systems

Mobile solutions for MRO processes

Integrated resource planning in the MRO management system

The potential benefits of implementing automation solutions for MRO processes.

  • Productivity Increase by 2-3%
    Reduction in product losses arising from equipment shutdowns during the waiting period, and performance of repairs owing to a more precise planning.  
  • Reduction of deviations from graphs by 5-10%
    Reduction of costs arising from the unexpected transfer of maintenance personnel to other repair sites, thanks to better MRO scheduling.
  • Reduction of equipment downtime by 5-10%
    Reduction of equipment downtime due to repairs. Preventive MRO reduces overall downtime. More time is spent on elimination of failures and accidents, than on scheduled maintenance.
  • Increase of service efficiency by 5-10%
    Improved planning of repair projects using flow charts. Tracking the terms, scope and quality of MRO works performed reduces the number of repeated and premature repairs and increases the workover interval and no-failure operating time.
  • Reduction of unplanned purchases by 15-20%
    Improved spare parts planning through use of the material planning system for MRO orders, and specific calendar plans for preventive MRO.
  • Inventory turnover acceleration by 5-10%
    Increased availability of materials and tools, through the ‘quick search’ and relocation functionality of resources necessary for MRO – regardless of their location – helps to avoid downtime of maintenance staff awaiting the purchase or delivery of materials from remote storage locations. ​
  • Increase of equipment availability by 5-10%
    Improvement of equipment maintenance quality through analysis of MRO service performance indicators (for example, MTBF, MTTR, etc.), calculated and displayed on dashboards based on information management systems.
  • Reduction of surplus stocks by 5-10%
    Improvement of inventory planning efficiency based on the preventive MRO schedules, as well as standards specified in the technological flowcharts and the MRP system for MRO orders.
  • Acceleration of scheduled maintenance cycles by 10-20%
    Increased availability of materials and tools owing to the possibility of performing quick search and relocation of the resources necessary for MRO – regardless of their location – helps to avoid downtime of maintenance staff awaiting the purchase or delivery of materials from remote storage locations.

** The material is available in Russian version only


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