BIOT is a service for early detection of diseases and providing recommendations with round-the-clock support offered by a personal physician. 

The solution is designed for continuous remote monitoring of human health parameters and automated identification and assessment of health risks based on data from the Healbe Gobe wristband and other data sources.

  • Identifies and evaluates risk factors for developing chronic non-contagious diseases, the risks of developing glucose intolerance and type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic stress and fatigue, impaired adaptive capabilities.   
  • Offers the client and their personal physician recommendations on lifestyle adjustments based on the necessary tests and examinations. 
  • Informs the physician and the client in due time about the need for a consultation. 
  • It helps develop a habit of being aware of one’s health condition and the impact of lifestyle on well-being. 

Solution components

  • professional web application for healthcare specialist,
  • mobile app, and Healbe GoBe3 wearable personal device for the end-user.

Competitive Advantages of BIOT Solution

  1. The vast and unique set of basic measured and processed parameters compared with competitors (automatic measurement of absorbed calories without entering data on the food consumed); measuring stress level; measuring hydration level, blood sugar, heart rate, and other parameters).
  2. The new innovative approach to assessing and monitoring human health risks is based on the information received from personal wearable device and other data sources.
  3. The remote and continuous monitoring of a person's condition allows obtaining information almost in real-time mode.
  4. Additional information on assessing a person's health and stress level in making medical decisions offers a more significant effect than traditional approaches (for example, based on a system of periodic medical examinations) and advantages over alternative technologies.

New opportunities

For healthcare institutions:

  • Automatic detection and informing the physician on the identified risks to the client's health, recommendations regarding the necessary examinations, and possible diagnoses. 
  • Improved therapy effectiveness: monitoring the implementation of recommendations and presenting data conveniently to explain the impact of lifestyle on the health condition.
  • Building a long-term relationship between the client and the personal physician. Increase number of contracts for annual and long-term services.
  • More returning customers and the new ones.

For companies and corporations:

  • Identify health risks on time and reduce the number of working days missed due to illness. 
  • Reduce the number of accidents and decrease occupational health risks.
  • Optimization of healthcare insurance and service costs.

For insurance companies:

Introduction of new insurance products and services, including healthcare insurance programs rewarding the clients leading a healthy lifestyle.

Competitive advantages in the market.

Value ​​for the end-user

  • A personalized approach and prevention of the development of diseases in the early stages will help to stay healthy for many years.
  • Constant comprehensive monitoring is cheaper than emergency treatment for unexpected health problems. 
  • Automatic measurement (no manual input) and analytics of health indicators.
  • Motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle and develop good habits.
  • Permanent access to a personal physician.

Intellectual property

  • The solution is registered with Rospatent. Certificate of state registration of a software program No. 2020614665 dated 20.04.2020.
  • Included in the Register of Domestic Software Products.  Order of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia dated 30.10.2020, No. 567
  • The BIOT™ trademark is registered by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property.

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Video about the product*: 

BIOT solution at the Moscow International Forum Open Innovations 2020 in the report by Russia 1, 2020

Product Interview: Russian Digital Biotelemetry Solution at the All-Russian Occupational Health and Safety Week 2019 

Russian digital BIOT solution featured on Russia 1 TV channel, 2019

Digitalization of education. The Education and Career Forum at Perm University 2019

Biotelemetry at the 8th International Exhibition on Industrial Safety and Labour Protection SAPE 2017

* The material is available in Russian version only

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