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The success of any company lies, first of all, in successful implementation of new projects. Accurate target setting, making timely changes and monitoring work effectiveness enables projects to be implemented with maximum efficiency. ITPS offers an integrated solution for project, portfolio and project program management. We develop regulatory and procedural documents, train company personnel, and implement information systems using tried and tested software solutions.

Project management services:

External Project Management

  •    Development of project procedures, standards and templates.
  •    Building an organizational structure for project management.
  •    Ensuring implementation of project procedures and standards;
  •    Project management and administration.

Capital project business support

  •    Development of project activity progress charts.
  •    Contract management.
  •    Generation of project reporting.
  •    Ensuring steady project workflow.

Management consulting for building management systems based on linear and functional management approaches.

  •     Development of linear and functional management standards.
  •     Identifying management principles.
  •     Forming a set of company business processes.
  •     Distribution of functions, powers and responsibilities.
  •     Formation of organizational structure, efficiency rate systems and incentive schemes.

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