Integration of MRO management system with production systems

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MRO management requires both considerable financial and human resources. With a view to reducing costs, companies are endeavouring to improve MRO management and as maintenance and repair processes become increasingly more complex, there is a pressing need to manage them more efficiently.

The task of improving MRO management is especially important for rotating equipment, maintenance of which is carried out not according to predefined regulations but instead based on actual product time. Typical applications of devices (pumps, compressors, motors) can be found at any production, while rotating equipment is used within basic production processes in a number of industries, including oil & gas.

Two major sets of problems prevent successful transformation of MRO processes:

  • Imperfect methodology for assessing technical condition, since there is no comprehensive model for predicting the condition of most equipment types according by specifications, operating conditions, failure statistics and executed repairs;
  •  There is no conditioning data, since it takes a lot of time and effort to clean and unify the data necessary for forecasting, even if a company has an MRO system in place. For example, statistics for operational failures and deviations are often collected in text form without prior classification and registration. Key performance indicators of equipment (operating time of rotating equipment, volume of the pumped medium, vibration level) are either not collected on a regular enough basis or they are collected, but not used to evaluate the technical condition of equipment.

A possible solution to the problem of insufficient and poor data quality and is the development of a comprehensive integration solution between production and monitoring systems (MES) and the MRO management system.

A key component of this solution is its integration with the real-time database - the most important source of information on equipment technological and operational performance indicators. ITPS offers a solution for integration of the SAP PM (MRO) module with the OSIsoft real-time Plant Information System (PI System) database.

Basic PI System functions are:

  • Data collection from the PCS equipment in real-time.
  • Initial cleaning and verification of data.
  • Data enrichment.
  • Converting data into a single format (alignment).
  • Transfer of data to customer systems.

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