Automated production management systems (MES)

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Within the framework of this line of business, we offer introduction and support of complex systems for operational production control at large industrial enterprises. Our systems comprise the following components:

Real-time databases and applications created from them (for example, automated dispatch control systems, information management systems and automated power management systems).

Maintenance and repair management module for collecting and storing current equipment performance parameters and analysing its functionality.

Production portal is an interface enabling visualized analytical data in the form of dashboards to be displayed.

Product accounting:

  • product accounting for continuous production;
  • product accounting for discrete production.

Issuance of electronic work permits:

  • personnel control;
  • performance control.

Laboratory information systems designed in accordance with industry-specific requirements:

  • ​​laboratory information systems for hydrocarbon production;
  • laboratory information systems for the processing of hydrocarbons and chemical industries.

Key benefits from the introduction of information systems for automated production management: 

  • decrease in operating costs, downtime, errors, waste and production losses, and production time (from placing an order to receiving it);
  • unloading of warehouses;
  • increase in throughput capacity/production capacity;
  • improved product lifecycle management;
  • improvement of quality control;
  • increase in output at constant production costs.

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