Automated Process Control Systems

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Inspection of automation facilities, engineering and development of automation systems and their implementation is possible through effective monitoring and control of production processes. We offer the following services:

  • services for the introduction and maintenance of industrial automation systems (SCADA, safety instrumented system, Fire and Gas Detection Systems, APMS, instrumentation and controls);
  • inspection of automation facilities;
  • development of automation concepts and technical tasks;
  • development of design and estimate documentation;
  • engineering and engineering operations supervision;
  • design of control cabinets;
  • application software development;
  • supply of software and hardware;
  • provision of all instrumentation and controls;
  • installation and assembly of control systems;
  • commissioning and start-up and commissioning supervision;
  • development of operational documentation;
  • training of service and process personnel;
  • integration of enterprise automation facilities;
  • implementation of automation system software products from leading international manufacturers;
  • maintenance support and upgrade of industrial automation systems and components.

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