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Equipment and applications based on modern mobile technologies can are able to streamline fulfilment of tasks by maintenance crews through determining technical condition of the assets, validation of the works performed, accounting for consumed materials, man-hours, etc.

When using a comprehensive MRO management system, maximum benefits can be derived if the mobile application is integrated with the ERP system in real time. ITPS Group specialists can provide customers with mobile solutions based on the SAP Mobile Platform and the Russian processing platform – OPTIMUM.


ITPS and CDC Groups of Companies have integrated OPTIMUM MMS – a mobile application for managing MRO processes based on a unique OPTIMUM processing platform – with the SAP ERP system.

Application integration with an accounting system that supports MRO planning and management, maintenance of reference data, labour and material resources management, allows for:

  • Automated data transfer (order status, responsible party, location and duration of works, photo and video of the asset) directly to the SAP ERP when working in the field.
  • Minimizing of errors when entering data on assets, as well as classification of failures and damages, through the use of a single reference database.
  • Optimization and control of personnel uploading of relevant qualifications.
  • Monitoring of business process execution.
  • Furnishing of employees with all the necessary data for field-work.


  • Full cycle of works distribution and drawing up of schedules for technical specialists taking into account their qualifications, spare parts availability and other factors; route planning and monitoring.
  • Timely MRO management with recording of results using mobile devices.
  • Execution of all necessary scenarios and standards with the help of a mobile device ("must be implemented" technology).
  • Timely and convenient access to previous inspection and repair data.
  • Inventory management with the help of bar codes, RFID tags.
  • Registration of deviation and defect detection times, response times and repair work execution times (elimination of defects, failures).
  • Registration and timely data transfer on equipment performance parameter deviations (including a photo of the defect/failure).
  • Preparation of requests for additional services in real-time, creation and printing of source documents.
  • Creation of relevant operational and analytical reporting.
  • Connection of additional devices (vibration sensor, thermal scope, gas detector, etc.).
  • Integration of a mobile application with SAP MRO offers the following advantages:
    • Real-time data updates.
    • Access for all personnel to the complete inspection and repair history of equipment.
    • High availability of technology, short system start-up times and faster returns on investment.
    • Specialized software to ensure data transmission security.

Key benefits of integration of the mobile application with SAP MRO:

  • Reduction in the number of technical personnel through route optimization.
  • Reduction in labour costs for technical personnel through the implementation of consecutive planned operations and location monitoring.
  • Reduction of labour costs for planning technical personnel operations.
  • Increase in data efficiency and reliability.

** The material is available in Russian version only


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