Support of operation and maintenance of corporate information systems

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ITPS Group renders a full range of services to provide support of operation and maintenance of information systems:

  • Advice to users;
  • Centralized maintenance of reference data;
  • Full cycle of activities to make changes in customization and program code of information systems to solve problems occurring  during commercial operation, as well as to adapt systems to changes in business and legal requirements;
  • Provision of a package of services for system landscape administration, role and authorization management;
  • Provision of integration with adjacent information systems.

To arrange efficient operation of information system’s support and maintenance services experienced service managers of ITPS Group will help you to address the following matters:

  • Methodology support of maintenance and support processes;
  • Definition of the best structure and number of people of the maintenance service;
  • Development of the optimal configuration for the interaction of participants of operation support processes;
  • Definition of service quality parameters and provision of their in-process monitoring;
  • Development of activities to improve quality of services and enhance support and maintenance processes.

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