Developing and Reengineering of Business Processes

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Methods of business process description and reengineering based on the best time-tested methodologies (IDEF0, IDEF3, UML ActivityDiagram, WFD, DFD, ARIS eEPC etc.).


  • Organized ARIS client server modelling environment.
  • Integrated industry business process repository (oil industry).
  • Solution designed to integrate ARIS modelling environment with interfacing systems (SAP, SharePoint etc.).

Our team and competencies

  • Wide range of experts for various functional areas and disciplines.
  • Continuous professional development through adoption of global best practices, attending conferences, round table discussions and being members of expert communities.

Standard business needs of our customers:

  • The need for a formalized and transparent description of business processes.
  • Inefficiency and non-transparency of business processes and bottlenecks.
  • Optimization of personnel levels, company standardization in line with ISO, national and corporate regulations.
  • Implementation of an enterprise management system.
  • Update of an existing formalized business model. Technical and methodological support for business models. 

We can improve management efficiency by:

  • Formalizing business processes
    • Defining structure and limits of business processes.
    • Organizing internal control of department activities.
    • Defining responsibilities of managers and employees.
    • Defining department objectives.
  • Analysing and re-working business processes
    • Fixing cross-functional problems (identifying bottlenecks within business processes).
    • Assessing process quality and products.
  • Streamlining organizational structures
    • Optimizing organizational design.
    • Organizational transformations.
    • Aligning the headcount of departments with labour intensity of operations.
    • Delegating responsibilities.
    • Concentrating similar type operations within one department.
  • Standardizing activities (ISO, state and national standards)
  • Implementing enterprise management systems

Qualitative and quantitative effects

  • Increased awareness of managers and other personnel about company’s business processes and their respective roles in business processes.
  • Less time spent on recruitment and training of new personnel.
  • Less time spent on routine business processes by eliminating duplicate operations, bottlenecks through business process unification.
  • Improved employee productivity.
  • Increased quality and timeliness of decision-making and implementation as well as a decrease in errors and other problems.
  • Reduced international ISO standard certification timeframe by 6-7%.
  • Reduced implementation time at conceptual and detail design stages by 6–8%.
  • Reduction in man-hours required for design documentation preparation by 5–6%.

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