• ITPS solutions for production management based on the PI System (MES)

ITPS solutions for production management based on the PI System (MES)

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An element of the integrated operations management system components is based on the OSIsoft PI System.

PI System is an open data infrastructure for large industrial enterprises, based on a real-time database. It enables collection, storage, analysis, search and visualization of data at all levels of enterprise management.

List of ITPS solutions based on the PI System:

  1. Production portal.
  2. Real-time databases.
  3. Maintenance and repair: SAP PM integration solution – OSIsoft’s PI System.
  4. Application for monitoring and operational management of production assets AVIST.Operation.

Key advantages of using ITPS solutions based on the PI System

  • Rapid analysis of large amounts of data (generation of reports, plotting trends), which is achieved through the PI System data storage method. It allows for data segments on any monitored parameter over several years to be obtained in seconds.
  • Work in real time: timely information for the specialists responsible on critical events, regardless of the complexity of production facilities, for timely management and operational decision-making.
  • Reduction of equipment downtime and increase in the total and specific (per unit of capacity) product output.


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