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The AVIST.Operation (Alarm Log: Event and Incident Management) module is designed for monitoring and online management of events in real time. This module monitors tens of thousands of parameters and provides process engineers with the tools to generate analytical rules (smart rules) — sets of logical criteria for filtering signals from a variety of process objects to handle only those events that can have a critical impact on key production processes.

AVIST.Operation minimizes response times to emergency events and reduces the likelihood of emergencies.


  • Smart Rules set by competent process engineers eliminate "information noise", reducing the amount of data being analysed by experts.
  • Operations in real-time.
    •  All deviations from the set parameters are automatically recorded and displayed.
    •  The response to an event is provided in less than 3 seconds regardless of the complexity of production facilities.
  • Integration into the existing environment of production systems provides engineers with all the information needed to make a decision about an event.
  • A single interface allows for time savings on locating the right information for analysis.
  • History analysis: operational information, comments, data on facilities from incidents that occur remains in operational history, available for deeper analysis sometime after the event occurs.
  • Filtering data directly within the interface allows you to highlight the necessary information: only critical events, breakdowns of losses and unprocessed events.
  • Simple interface simplifies the work of engineers and reduces performance times for routine maintenance works to monitor the situation in the field.

Effects of application

  • Minimized personnel workload owing to use of a single interface (up to 25%)
  • Minimized potential damage in case of accidents by detecting events in real-time mode (up to 3%)
  • Minimized response time to events by obtaining all the necessary information "in one window" (up to 20%)
  • Minimized accident rates through detection of repeatedly recurring events (up to 12%)
  • Enhanced accuracy and quality of data related to production asset status
  • Reduced losses due to reduced time spent on eliminating incidents (up to 8%)
  • A minimized human factor in event control
  • Reduced competence requirements for engineers on duty, and, consequently, reduced current operating costs

AVIST technical support information
E-mail: support_avist@itps-russia.ru
Contact phone: + 7 (342) 206 0 675


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