Intelligent Oilfield

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Intelligent Oilfield is:

  • a business project with a considerable IT component;
  • a project integrating human resources, processes, information and technology;
  • a project aimed to change the culture of interdisciplinary interaction and make a transition to collaboration;
  • development of existing solutions using new technological opportunities;
  • not a one-time action, but rather constant development. 

Key effects from the implementation of the "Intellectual Oilfield" integrated industry solution.

  • Reduction of operating costs.
  • Increased production volume by reducing losses during production.
  • Increased stocks due to an increase in the oil recovery factor.
  • Increased security at production due to: 
    • in-depth analysis of system information;
    • development of preventive measures.
  • Increasing production process efficiency through:
    • facilitating control over the implementation of plans, corrective actions and instructions issued by supervisory authorities;
    • use of up-to-date, accumulated knowledge;
    • collecting and sharing of best practices;
    • reducing the need to search for necessary information.

** The material is available in Russian version only


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