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AVIST Oil&Gas (Asset Virtualization System Oil&Gas) is an integration platform developed in Russia and designed to address the strategic objectives of Oil&Gas production enterprises to improve production and economic efficiency. The result is achieved by production maximization and production cost reduction.

AVIST Oil&Gas ensures:

  • Integration of advanced solutions and management methods providing ample opportunities for the consolidation, processing, and analysis of data from various engineering and field systems.
  • Improvement of production processes' efficiency by using Industry 4.0 technologies: AI, Big Data/Smart Data, IIoT, Predictive Analysis & Optimization, etc.
  • Achieving an integrated business effect through the joint use of integrated modeling, integrated planning, capacity management, choke model tools, etc.
  • Possibility to use the platform in a hybrid IT landscape of Oil&Gas enterprises in combination with any application software, including specialized software.
  • Simple scalability from on-premises to cloud architecture. 

AVIST Oil&Gas solves the needs of three levels of users:

  • Top management: minimize financial risks, ensure transparency of business processes, increase their adaptability and controllability, reduce labour costs on conducting operational analysis of the situation at the assets.
  • Heads of departments: well-organized teamwork of functional departments, optimal alignment of work processes, data analytics according to specified indicators.
  • Various specialists (model developers, operators, geologists, engineers, etc.): minimization of manual data input, elimination of data discrepancies, possibility to spend work time to solve intellectual tasks aimed at achieving business effects for the company, automation of routine operations.

AVIST Oil&Gas is a proprietary development of the ITPS Group of Companies.

We are continuously improving the value and consumer properties of the platform: developing functionality and integration mechanisms, optimizing performance, introducing intelligent algorithms, making changes and improvements to the user interface. 

AVIST Oil&Gas Extended

The version of the software platform is designed to automate the processes of managing the development and operation of hydrocarbon fields using geological, hydrodynamic, and integrated modeling systems. The solution has unique data and system integration capabilities that combine and analyze information from different accounting systems, geological, hydrodynamic, and integrated modeling software products and files, perform remote data management and run programs. Connection of new data sources and software products is implemented with the help of internal software resources.

The price is determined individually. Please, use the feedback form below to request the price quotation and licensing policy.

AVIST Oil&Gas is included in the Unified Register of Russian software and databases of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation. 

Links to entries in the register on the website of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation: 

https://reestr.digital.gov.ru/reestr/304731/ - AVIST Oil&Gas



E-mail: support_avist@itps-russia.ru

Phone: + 7 (342) 206 0 675


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