Communication and Data Transmission Systems

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A data transmission system is a set of interconnected hardware and software tools used for fast data transmission and receipt via various communication channels. It is a key IT system which provides a data transmission environment for all other systems. 

A wide range of supported network equipment manufacturers allows us to implement systems of any scale ranging from those for small offices to especially large facilities, including hardware and software redundancy, high-performance corporate information protection systems and encryption systems for information transmitted via public data networks.

A voice communication system is a set of hardware and software tools used to transmit voice and video data via various data channels. 

A corporate telephone communication system ensures quick operational interaction between all company staff members, which leads to an improvement in business performance.

Audio and video conference systems enable effective operating meetings to be conducted between head office and site managers.

Trunked radio systems ensure mobility for production personnel and vehicle communication.

Unified communications improve performance, while reducing a company’s IT costs. IP service integration allows users to make phone calls, send messages and easily dial in to audio or video conferences.

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