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Software solutions designed for integrated modelling are actively used by the world's leading oil and gas producers. At the same time, the efficiency of modelling tool application largely depends on the level they penetrate into decision-making support processes.

The purpose of the AVIST.Prediction & Choke Modelling (Integrated Modelling & Limitations Model) module is to improve the utilization of integrated modelling tools within oil-processing company operating activities, as well as when it comes to  liaising with design organizations and contractors. The module automates development process options for optimizing production using integrated operations (integrated modelling, choke models).

AVIST.Prediction & Choke Modelling allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • Application of modelling tools for medium – and short-term operations management horizons (14, 30, and 90 day cycles).
  • Organization of cross-disciplinary interaction between specialists, automation and standardization of work and simulation processes, single-view data interface.
  • On-line updating of integrated models based on actual data.
  • Obtain additional information on the forecasted status and possibilities of production facilities.
  • Cost optimization of expensive software purchasing and maintenance.


  • Early detection of problems and their root causes, finding ways to troubleshoot and prevent faults.
  • Rapid access to operational information, a single-user entry point, support for effective interaction between engineers, process technologists, geologists, economists.
  • User-friendly forms for visualization and analysis of production data and simulation results.
  • Feedback from engineering and production applications, ability to use the collected data with specialized modelling tools.
  • Automation of decision support processes for altering production process parameters, equipment selection, and optimization of operational characteristics.
  • Identification of trends, alternative forecasting for production volumes, reduction of costs through best practices from the system knowledge base.
  • Built-in tools for integrating existing data sources, forgoing the need to over invest in expensive software.
  • Data aggregation from a wide range of external modelling systems, production and accounting systems using the specially-developed integration tools.

Benefits of application

Application of AVIST.Prediction & Choke Modelling together with integrated modelling tools provides:

Short-term benefits

  • Timely prevention of process limitations and complications, and reductions in the number of accidents and emergencies.
  • Minimized underruns and losses (down to "0").
  • Reduction in operational planning time with effects estimation (up to 1-2 weeks).
  • Operational setting-up the planned process modes (several hours).
  • Reduction in the time frame for annual and medium-term oil production planning.

Long-term benefits

  • Increase in Oil Recovery (by 1-2%).
  • Reducing capital and operating costs (by 5-10%).

AVIST technical support information
E-mail: support_avist at itps-russia.ru
Contact phone: + 7 (342) 235 3 275


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