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A comprehensive solution for non-stop remote monitoring of human health condition parameters in order to identify and assess health risks, based on monitoring data received from the Healbe Gobe bracelet and other devices.

The System Functionality Comprises:

  • Collection, processing and storage of parameters received from the Healbe GoBe personal wearable device and other devices.
  • Visualization of parameters and processing results (Monitoring and Reporting).
  •  Using the Knowledge Database (HealthData, Health Database), which contains a handful of mathematical models enabling the measured parameters to be used for risk assessment (the basic intellectual property).

Application of the Proposed Solution

  • Definition of risks, including complex ones (qualitative and quantitative assessment), risk categories and probability based on the mathematical models contained in the knowledge database.
  • Provision and reporting of risk assessment results to users (medical specialists, business users) for decision making.

Areas for Identifying Health Risks

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Workplace performance
  • Nutritional imbalances
  •  Anxiety, depression, emotional instability
  • Reduced adaptive capacity
  • Metabolic disorders

Solution Components

  • Professional web application
  • Android, iOS mobile app (Healbe, BIOT)
  • Healbe GoBe 2 and GoBe 3 personal wearable devices (and other wearable devices)

A solution at the nexus of the Internet of Things technologies, medicine and mathematics.


The biotelemetry system is designed for use in the following organizations:

1. Medical institutions, whose activity is characterized by any of the following features:

  • absence of mandatory medical certification of equipment
  • the medical institution provides medical services to enterprises and companies
  • the institution provides telemedicine services

2. Enterprises and companies characterized by any of the following features:

  • involved in hazardous and harmful production
  • have a healthcare service (in-house or outsourced) for employees
  • incurs significant costs for medical care and/or insurance for its employees
  • there are regulations in place for assessing the health condition of employees be granted access to the production process
  • there are high risks of critical disruptions to production processes associated
    with the human factor

3. Organizations conducting medical, social, and marketing research related to human health indicators.

4. Insurance companies.

Product Interview: A Russian Digital Biotelemetry Solution at the All-Russian Labor Protection Week 2019

Video about the product: 

Russian digital BIOT solution featured on Russia 1 TV channel, 2019

Digitalization of education. The Education and Career Forum at Perm University 2019

Biotelemetry at the 8th International Exhibition on Industrial Safety and Labour Protection SAPE 2017


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