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ITPS showcases solutions at Russian Oil and Gas IT forum


The ITPS Group took part in the Russian Oil and Gas Industry IT Forum in St. Petersburg. The program included seven sessions with over 60 speakers from oil& gas and IT companies. According to the forum’s organizers, the total number of attendees was 360.

The forum focused on import replacement in the oil &gas sector and IT industry, an issue which has become all the more urgent amid the current economic environment marked by decreasing oil prices and Western sectoral sanctions.

Leonid Tikhomirov, CEO of Parma-Telecom LLC (ITPS Group) delivered a presentation entitled «Intellectualization of the Russian Oil and Gas Industry as a Driver for Developing Domestic IT Products». The document was developed together with experts from the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University.

The presentation put forward an approach to addressing current challenges of the oil and gas industry such as scaling down oil production and low efficiency of field development and operation. According to the authors of this report, companies will not be able to handle these challenges unless they phase in innovative solutions based on a high-tech approach and intellectualization principles.

The presentation described approaches and tools developed by the ITPS Group as part of the comprehensive «Smart Field» solution, including AVIST integration platform (Asset Virtualization System) used to monitor key data about the status of a field and its facilities.

The Russian Oil and Gas Industry Forum was organized with support from the ITPS Group.

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