ER-Telecom is a Russian telecommunication holding company.

As the world's leading provider of business software, SAP delivers products and services that help accelerate business innovation for our customers. By using SAP solutions, organizations of all sizes – can reduce costs, improve performance, and gain the agility to respond to changing business needs.

ITPS partner status: SAP Service Partner


1C Company is an independent Russian software developer and publisher.

AVEVA is a developer of comprehensive IT solutions for design, engineering, and project management in the oil and gas, power, chemical, and shipbuilding industries.

IndaSoft develops and implements Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) with the following functionality: dispatch management, production accounting, quality management, balance reconciliation and search for losses, energy accounting, equipment diagnostics, forecasting, modeling, and optimization of production and technological processes.

Atomic Soft is a Russian developer of instrumental and applied software for automating technological processes and production control systems.

Healbe designs and manufactures Healbe GoBe smart bracelets using unique proprietary FLOW ™ technology, the only non-invasive technology that automatically tracks calories without manually entering information. In addition to automatically calculating calorie intake and calories burned, the bracelet users have the following functions: measuring the pulse, the body hydration, monitoring sleep, stress level and emotional state, steps, distance and activity during the day.

The unique set of parameters measured by the Healbe bracelet makes it possible to use it for the remote monitoring of human health and preventing the development of diseases in the early stages using the BIOT service, created by ITPS.

At the end of 2020, Healbe announced the release of the new Healbe GoBe3, which has become lighter and more elegant than its previous version: a stylish display and a removable soft perforated strap ensure more comfortable wearing. New hypoallergenic titanium electrodes and an optical pulse sensor ensure more accurate data analysis.

Petroleum Experts Ltd. is the world’s leading developer of engineering software for integrated modelling of oil and gas fields.

The ITPS Group of companies is the representative for PetEx throughout the Russian Federation for providing technical support and supply of software products, as well as consulting services for the latter’s effective application within integrated modelling processes.

** The material is available in Russian version only

NetApp Inc. is an expert in hybrid cloud data management and one of the leading data storage system manufacturers.

Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices.

The Siemon Company manufactures passive connecting equipment and creates structured cabling systems for telecommunications (speech, data, imaging and other information technologies).

OptaSense offers innovative solutions in fiber optics, which help to optimize operations within various industry sectors around the world.

MOBOTIX is the market leader in high-definition video systems.

ObserveIT is the world leader in solutions aimed at combatting insider threats (Insider Threat Management) and preventing data leakage.

BIK-Inform develops and manufactures modern positioning devices for video surveillance systems.

HERNIS is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality CCTV systems.

CBC, under the umbrella of which one can find brands such as Computar (optics) and GANZ (cameras and electronic components), is a manufacturer of equipment for developing technically-sound and cost-effective video surveillance systems.                              

ELVIS-NeoTec is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech security systems with the use of image recognition technology, computer vision, radar, video, and thermal imaging surveillance.

Schlumberger is an oilfield services company that offers a wide range of development services. The company operates in more than eighty countries.

CDC Group of Companies is a Russian company and market leader in mobile solutions for various industries and businesses. CDC supplies Russian-manufactured software products, developed using the OPTIMUM technology platform, which allows for multifunctional solutions to be created for automating the work of mobile personnel and the plugging-in of additional modules as and when needed. As a result, the total cost of software ownership is significantly lowered and implementation time frames shortened.

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