AVIST solution for oil and gas producing enterprises

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AVIST platform (Asset Virtualization System) is a home-grown piece of technology developed by the ITPS group of companies.

AVIST modules

  •  AVIST.Prediction & Choke Modelling improves the use of integrated modelling tools in oil company operations, as well as for interaction with design organizations and contractors. The module automates the development process of solutions aimed at optimizing production using integrated operations (integrated modelling, choke models). 
  •  AVIST.Operation Module (Alarm Log. Events and Incidents Management) is designed for monitoring and timely control of events in real time. It allows for the minimizing of response time to emergency events and a reduction in potential emergency situations. 
  •  AVIST.Planning module is designed to automate the integrated planning process for various planning horizons (14, 30, 90-day windows). It automates the basic stages of integrated planning and enables the creation of a unified production planning environment for all operating activities in the field.

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