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The SYNAPSE software package is a kind of accelerator for obtaining a digital twin of a field. It collects, processes, and analyzes production data (e.g., production history, reservoir pressure dynamics, and other parameters) for an automated model-component generation as part of an integrated model of a reservoir, wells, and surface infrastructure system. Manually performing such operations involves thousands of clicks and hundreds of working hours. SYNAPSE does this in seconds and provides feedback from the models on convergence parameters so that engineers can evaluate how accurately the models represent the actual properties of the reproduced objects at various stages of operation.

ITPS solutions such as AVIST and SYNAPSE make it possible to fully implement the functionality of Smart Field (Digital Field, i-Field, Asset of the Future, etc.), a concept involving the use of neural networks, digital twins, big data-processing algorithms, artificial intelligence, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), robotization, etc. By developing its software solutions for the oil and gas industry, the ITPS Group of Companies enables its customers to obtain business effects in line with international best practices, reduces project costs, and provides guaranteed service support regardless of the political and economic situation.

The SYNAPSE software package and the already-used AVIST integration platform are essential components of the ITPS Integrated Service, which provides increased efficiency of oil and gas production.

The solution has been registered by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent). Two state registration certificates were obtained: one for the module of model creation and adjustment, and one for the module of model actualization. The use of these programs significantly simplifies and speeds up the creation of an integrated model – an essential tool of the Smart Field concept.

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