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Knowledge management is a range of processes designed to create, distribute, process and use knowledge within a company in general or a specific business unit, project, area etc.

An effective solution for knowledge management – and a key asset of any leading company – is a portal which helps to achieve the following three main objectives:

  1. Overcoming informational overloads (by centralizing resources into one central reserve, irrespective of the source and format of information, as well as structuring information, creating user profiles etc.).
  2. Streamlining interactions between multiple user groups, company divisions, subsidiaries and partners, even if they are geographically distant from one another (access to resources via a single interface, tools for collaboration, use of the same knowledge and information sources, real-time communications etc.).
  3. Building on previous experience and knowledge, creating new knowledge (storing various information resources and knowledge from external and internal sources, analysing and creating consolidated reports, time management, collaboration of multiple expert groups working on a project etc.).

Benefits of solution implementation:

  • Up-to-date and reliable information used by the company for its business activities stored in one centralized place, irrespective of its format.
  • Reduced time spent locating necessary information (these costs often exceed 50% of man-hours).
  • Elimination of data duplications and repeated searches for the same information. 
  • Reduced personnel adaptation periods.
  • Reduced business risks owing to dismissal of skilled personnel.

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