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Manager monitor (dashboard) is an ITPS solution designed to neatly display key business performance indicators (KPIs) in a single-window format and provide users with a comprehensive understanding of the status of a managed facility (company/asset/project) in general or in within a particular area. The dashboard displays statistically-processed data by which processes are analysed, along with their quality and structure using infographics.

Manager monitor (dashboard) includes:

  • Key information on the condition of a company/asset/project.
  • Aggregation of data from multiple sources through a single-window view.
  • Integration with IT system interfaces on various platforms.
  • Direct access to and filtration of detailed input data.
  • Photographic and video monitoring of facilities.
  • Assignment of geographical coordinates to facilities.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Access from any point (via web-interface), including from tablet or other devices.

ITPS solution allows for flexible customization of various analytics settings to facilitate management decision-making based on specific customer needs.

Benefits of solution implementation

  • Reduction in information retrieval and processing costs by 20-30%.  
  • Access to information via a single interface from any point.
  • Direct access to raw data (undistorted, unmasked access to the “full picture”).
  • Consolidated analytical reports and detailed analysis of critical deviation root causes.
  • Decision-making right then and there. 

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