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Introducing the Industrial Internet of Things to improve production efficiency and safety

The project was awarded first prize in the "Top 10 IT Projects for the Oil and Gas Industry" contest, organized by ComNews news group and the ITSK Company in partnership with Gazprom Neft as the event’s sponsor.


Project Objectives

Increasing production efficiency and operational safety of mining assets through remote monitoring of process parameters in real time.

Technology used in project implementation

Cloud platform for the Industrial Internet of Things and AVIST digital production (Asset Virtualization System) by the ITPS group of companies;
LoRaWAN wireless data transmission technology.


  1. A wireless data network using LoRaWAN technology (Enforta) was established.

The data transmission medium created at the asset has a long operational range (up to 20 kilometres in open terrain), high signal penetration, stability and confidentiality of the communication channel, energy efficient sensors (up to 10 years operation time without recharging), and low equipment costs.

  1. The Industrial Internet of Things cloud platform and AVIST (ITPS) digital production were implemented

Process parameters from sensors installed at production facilities are transferred wirelessly to the AVIST cloud platform for data processing and remote monitoring of production processes.  AVIST analyses well parameters in real-time mode (pressure, temperature, load, insulation resistance, etc.) and, with the help of analytical signal filtering rules, identifies events that can have a critical impact on key production processes.

AVIST allows for losses and downtime to be reduced thanks to proactive monitoring of equipment parameters, timely and proper responses at the incident likelihood identification stage (response scenarios in case of various incidents are provided in the system) and consequently, this allows for in production efficiency to be vastly improved.

  1. Consolidated production reporting system (ITPS) was implemented.

Users can view reports on computers/tablets/smartphones in the form of infographics corresponding to the main well parameters:

  • losses for the current day;
  • historical data on the number of producing wells;
  • actual and forecast data on monthly production;
  • validated measurements;
  • calculated values of theoretical and allocated daily production per well;
  • change in well stock status;
  • estimated downhole pressure and instantaneous well production.


Equipping well stock for a mining company can ensure the following:

  • reduced accident rate;
  • reduced response time to events;
  • reduction of losses due to reduction in time required for eliminating the incident;
  • reduction in personnel costs, through the use of remote monitoring of well performance parameters.

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