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Development of an integrated model of the Urmano-Archinskaya group of fields for Gazpromneft-Vostok

Project Objectives

  1. Collection and systematization of source data required for the development of a complex integrated model (IM) of the Urmano-Archinskaya group of fields, checking data for compliance in terms of completeness and quality;
  2. Development and adjustment of model-components of fluid (compositional and Black Oil), reservoir, wells, and gathering and transport systems;
  3. Development and configuration of IM, updating and maintaining the solution;
  4. Development of competencies of the specialists of Gazpromneft-Vostok sufficient for operating the solution independently;
  5. Preparation and implementation of pilot industrial operation, calculations.

The Production Control Centre of Gazpromneft-Vostok is responsible for implementing production plans at the operational horizon and control of 49 multi-well pads, over 500 wells, and five hydrocarbon treatment facilities at ten fields in the Tomsk and Omsk regions. The development is conducted on the Paleozoic and Jurassic sediments.

The goal of the project was to increase the business efficiency of production assets using digital tools and integrated processes of the Production Control Centre, which is an integral part of the comprehensive Asset of the Future program of Gazprom Neft, aimed at the organizational and digital transformation of the business model of the exploration and production unit of the company at all levels of management – from the production department to the headquarters. The program aims to improve business processes, feasibility, and development of a modern digital tool base to increase the unit's efficiency and achieve the company's strategic goal: to become an industry benchmark in terms of operational indicators by increasing labour productivity and reducing production costs.

The integrated model (digital twin), being a vital tool for managing the asset potential, is a digital simulation of physical objects and processes, helping to exercise continuous control over production, flexibly manage technological modes, pressure on the reservoir and equipment, calculate and test various scenarios of extraction to find the most profitable ones.

As part of the project, ITPS experts have created a comprehensive solution that includes nine PVT fluid models, twelve reservoir models (MBal), 119 models of production wells (x-tree and ESP), six models of injection wells, five models of absorption wells, one model of a gathering system. and transport, one model of the reservoir pressure maintenance system (GAP). Then, the assembly and configuration of the IM were conducted based on the IPM Petroleum Experts software. While getting ready for the pilot operation, hydrodynamic studies of wells were performed to update these component models and IM in accordance with the actual ones. In total, three update cycles were performed together with the engineers of the Production Control Centre, and every time the level of participation of the Production Control Centre specialists increased.


  • The implemented solution makes it possible to conduct a highly accurate short-term forecast of hydrocarbon production for up to one year to optimize the operating modes of production wells, to identify bottlenecks, and to conduct an express assessment of the financial efficiency of activities on the well-stock, the technological effect of which is preliminarily calculated on an integrated model;
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of the management decisions, speed of response to deviations from production plans and emergencies;
  • Possibility to optimize well operation modes in conditions of gas production rate limitation;
  • Reduced the volume of non-production losses;
  • Production Control Centre specialists have received all the necessary competencies and practical skills to successfully work with IM (due to the traveling restrictions in 2020, most of the training was conducted remotely);
  • The customer received comprehensive instructions for updating the IM and a set of practical tools for automating routine procedures that increase the speed and accuracy of operating the solution.

Customer Feedback

“The use of digital tools opens up unique opportunities for us. Innovative systems make it possible to use the existing well stock as efficiently as possible and monitor ten fields in real-time. We have developed and launched an integrated model of the Urmano-Archinskaya group of fields. The next step is the development of digital models of other assets of Gazpromneft-Vostok. Technologies based on artificial intelligence will allow us to be even more efficient.”

Konstantin Karabadzhak, General Director of Gazpromneft-Vostok LLC.

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