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LUKOIL Mid-East Limited

Remote support for IT services as part of the MES system of the West Qurna-2 asset

Project Objectives

The company rendered a range of services for remote support of the following systems of the West Qurna-2 asset, one of the world’s largest fields:

  • Production Real-Time Data Service
  • Production Reporting Automation Service
  • Real-Time Process Flowcharts Service
  • Production Accounting Service
  • Integrated Asset Modeling Service
  • Laboratory Processes Service

These services were part of the MES system, an essential tool used to realize the potential of an oil and gas production asset.

The project's goal was to ensure the operability of business-critical production management processes, eliminate accidents and related losses, and increase production profitability by extending the existing functionality.

All the assigned tasks were completed on time remotely without interfering with the asset's production and operational processes.


1. Efficiency of production management based on the MES system was improved.

2. High-quality support of processes to ensure fulfilment of production plans was provided.

Customer Feedback

‘We are grateful to the ITPS team for the quality of services rendered, strict adherence to deadlines, and high professionalism at all stages of the project. The specialists of the partner company possess expertise in production management and process analytics, demonstrate in-depth knowledge of our industry specifics, and a strong commitment to delivering the stated business benefits. We are eager to recommend ITPS for remote IT and telecommunication support services for oil and gas production assets, including international projects.’


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