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Experience in implementing remote health monitoring technologies. BIOT service at Telemedforum 2023


Experts from the ITPS Group of Companies shared their experience of implementing BIOT digital service for remote health monitoring at the 8th All-Russian Telemedforum (June 1-2, 2023,
 St. Petersburg). Over the two days of the event, more than 50 speakers discussed key topics relevant to the healthcare industry — digital technologies for physicians, experience in introducing personal medical assistants, development of corporate medicine, and legal aspects of the industry's innovative development.

Yuliana Akhmadova, Product Marketer of the ITPS Group of Companies, in her speech on the topic of "Remote Monitoring of Patients", pointed out the importance of introducing remote monitoring technologies in medical practice: "The use of smart devices in conjunction with artificial intelligence allows us to obtain and process valuable information about health, as well as to provide early warning of the risks of disease development. Engaging patients in learning about their health and the habits that influence their well-being greatly increases the effectiveness of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation programs. Studies conducted by the BIOT service and supported by the Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation show that remote monitoring has a positive effect on patients: health indicators improve in 70-80% of participants, both through medical prescriptions on detected health risks and through feedback — informing the patients on the indicators of their condition and the knowledge that you are being monitored by a medical professional — the psychological effect of monitoring."

The BIOT service was created at the confluence of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, medicine and mathematics. Personal wearable devices include smart wristbands measuring a wide range of parameters without manual input, from calorie intake and hydration level, to heart rate, stress levels and sleep quality. Through its unique capabilities, BIOT is helping to take healthcare to the next technological level by becoming a digital assistant to physicians. "Digital technology, which is becoming more and more part of our lives with each passing year, presents us with the challenge of proactive risk management. This is a cutting-edge approach that can reduce the burden on physicians, improve the quality and length of life of people on a global scale, and also change morbidity statistics," summarized Yuliana Akhmadova.

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