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ITPS Launches ‘Quick Solutions’ for Enterprise Crisis Support


Since March 30, 2020, Russia has been under a non-working day rule, designated by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, established to reduce the risk of coronavirus virus distribution. We do not know how long this rule will be in place.

Businesses and enterprises require quick solutions in the current situation.

ITPS has implemented operational measures to ensure continuous interaction with customers and offers additional assistance in the implementation of IT tasks, the viability of which can be complicated by territorial location or shortage of resources.

Quick Solutions from ITPS are a set of measures, approaches and tools aimed at supporting the activities of companies in difficult economic conditions. The main purpose is the operational organization of remote operation during the period of self-isolation, increasing operating activities efficiency, development of a digital reserve for quickly getting out of a crisis.  

Organization of remote enterprise management and remote office is in fact a transition to a new business model. Convenient services for remote work and integration of business processes at all levels, clear familiar interfaces, quick installation and integration, possibility of adaptation and flexible fine tuning. The ITPS package includes cloud subscriptions (licenses) from vendors and operational services: flexible fine tuning of products for specific business tasks, integration of several products into a single solution, etc. 

Mobilization of existing resources and improving efficiency of operations is one of the main tasks in a crisis. Difficulties in obtaining reports and up-to-date analytics, lack of information on the actual state of production, losses in the supply chain and untimely placement of orders, disconnected teams and, as a result, reduced manageability of production processes and unplanned downtime. Quick solutions are possible – from remote work and creating the foundation for future architecture, to timely system deployment to support the continuity of production processes for organizing remote monitoring and control from anywhere in the world and from any device via secure communication channels. The approach includes data consolidation of all IT systems of the company, comprehensive analysis and transparent reporting. The result is cost savings and process optimization over the next 1-2 months due to the operating budget, for the service model as well. 

“The more IT technologies are implemented in the company, the easier it is to manage remotely. Enterprises with a high digitalization index are in a better position today: they have comprehensive information about the state of production, they have the necessary data for taking effective management decisions, and tools for optimizing labor costs. It is still possible to create the same conditions by creating a reserve, which will allow reducing operational costs and quickly get out of a crisis. You should not be afraid of changes, especially if their effect can be calculated and planned in advance,” said Alexey Mezentsev, Digital Production Director at the ITPS Group of Companies.  

“The current market situation is especially complicated because it is difficult to predict. We believe that this is not a reason to cancel major projects in which significant investments have already been made. The high level of equipment capability and the vast experience of our team of experts and specialists gives us confidence in this difficult time for our country and the whole world. We are ready to quickly come on board of a project at any level of complexity from a construction of new production sites, to IT support, ensuring high quality and speed of service. Any hard situation can be used as an opportunity to get better and stronger. A simple example: in 2014, American shale companies grew despite low product prices due to the introduction of digital technologies, resources’ mobilization, and decreasing inefficient costs. Therefore, we will not stop the development of our high-tech areas and competencies. Any crisis comes to an end, and the created result works for you after the crisis is over,” noted Leonid Tikhomirov, CEO of the ITPS Group of Companies. 

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