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  • The project “Creation and implementation of an integrated production model for an oil and gas field based on the “LUKOIL Intelligent Field project” framework won “Best IT project in the oil and gas industry” in the ComNews Awards

The project “Creation and implementation of an integrated production model for an oil and gas field based on the “LUKOIL Intelligent Field project” framework won “Best IT project in the oil and gas industry” in the ComNews Awards


With the help of LLC LUKOIL-Engineering, LLC LUKOIL-Technologies and with the involvement of ITPS as its IT partner, PJSC LUKOIL has implemented Russia's largest integrated production model at the Yuzhno-Yagunskoye oil and gas field for its largest oil and gas asset – LUKOIL-Western Siberia LLC (Kogalymneftegaz)

The ambitious project to introduce a comprehensive integrated production model for the Yuzhno-Yagunskoye field was developed in order to cover the facilities of the Yuzhno-Yagunskoye, Tevlinsko-Russkinskoye, Kustovoye, Vostochno-Ikilorskoye and Zapadno-Ikilorskoye fields. Today it is the largest integrated model in Russia – both in terms of the number of wells and technology infrastructure.

On December 6, 2019, the project won the ComNews Awards 2019. ComNews Awards are annually given away for the breakthrough innovative digital transformation projects implemented in vertical markets in ten key sectors of the Russian economy and for the development of digital economy nationwide. The project “Creation and implementation of integrated oil and gas field production model as part of the LUKOIL Intelligent Field project” was recognized as the winner in the nomination “Best IT Project in Oil and Gas Industry”.

The project was launched at the initiative of PJSC LUKOIL in 2018 as part of the Intelligent Field project. At that time, the Company’s oil producing companies had already gained significant experience in creating and implementing integrated models of oil and gas fields. The knowledge and experience are currently accumulated in the Center for Integrated Modeling Competences, operating based on LUKOIL-Engineering LLC, in which new innovative approaches to improvement of oil production processes are created and developed. In course of its development in this direction, the Company has set a goal to obtain a digital intelligent tool for solving the following production issues:

  • management of technological modes of production and injection wells’ operation, considering mutual influence and interference;
  • calculation of production optimization options, with the aim of choosing the most efficient ones;
  • improvement of reservoir pressure maintenance system efficiency;
  • determination of maximum throughput of the well products collection system, taking into account changes of production well operating modes;
  • selection of optimal downhole pumping equipment for wells, taking into account operation forecast during the overhaul period and energy efficiency conditions;
  • identification of bottlenecks and determination of operational potential of the field production system.

Upon implementation of these approaches, all production information is accumulated in a single transparent information environment, allowing to quickly analyze and flexibly manage key parameters in order to optimize production, save resources and reduce operation costs. Timely work with data opens extensive opportunities for monitoring the state of infrastructure, timely assessment and risk management.

The team of experts working on the project embraced specialists from LUKOIL PJSC, LUKOIL-Western Siberia LLC (Kogalymneftegaz), LUKOIL-Engineering, LLC LUKOIL-Technologies and the ITPS Group of Companies. In course of the project implementation, ITPS was responsible for analyzing the source data quality, preparing recommendations for their improvement, building component models, and setting them up. Integrated solution “Intelligent Field” is introduced to automate integrated model operation, based on the platform of automated process control system for integrated modeling and choke model based on the domestic digital platform AVIST Oil&Gas. The integrated model is built on Petroleum Experts software: MBAL (reservoir models), PROSPER (well models), GAP (pipeline models and integration of component models). The regulatory and methodological foundation for the operation of integrated models was updated in course of the project implementation.

As a result of successful project implementation, modern digital tool has been introduced, with the help of which 12 production sites and more than 1,700 wells are constantly monitored. Application of this solution allows increasing efficiency of the enterprise by automating the key process of production planning and management. Unique automation tools also make it possible to significantly reduce labor costs for routine operations, to improve the quality of creation and justification of technological modes of production and injection wells.

“Digitalization of oil companies is one of the main topics from the point of view of development of the industry and the Russian economy. Introduction of advanced technology is a must nowadays. Today it is simply impossible to reach target production indicators without competent implementation and use of digital systems. Development of integrated modeling opens enormous prospects for Russian companies, a striking example of which are the largest world deposits in which this technology is effectively applied. However, even foreign experience includes just a few projects of this scale and level. We are sincerely proud of the work done. The experience gained is highly valuable for further development of the entire oil and gas industry,” noted Vadim Voevodkin, General Director of LUKOIL-Engineering LLC.

“The LUKOIL Group is a prime customer for us. Today it is one of the leaders in digital transformation in Russia, it was one of the first companies to join this movement, having evaluated its opportunities and prospects. The LUKOIL experience in many respects “inspires” other companies that are thinking about their future in a rapidly expanding market today. We, the ITPS Group of Companies, are grateful to LUKOIL PJSC for the opportunity to apply and expand our experience, share practical knowledge, and expand industry expertise, thanks to which we were able to hold the special place in the IT market. We are proud of our mission and the fact that the customer attracts us to solve complex problems within the framework of advanced innovative development. The implemented project is truly historical, it opens a new page in the history of the Russian and international digital fields,” stated Leonid Tikhomirov, CEO of the ITPS Group of Companies.

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