IT-MANAGER: The maturity of technology

IT-MANAGER: The maturity of technology

Over the past couple of years, the use of artificial intelligence technologies in different spheres of human activity expanded significantly with one of the main drivers being the ever-growing need to improve the efficiency of business processes. A leading Russian magazine IT-Manager asked experts of IT-industry to share their vision of the current market situation, particular characteristics that appeared in the last couple of years and the rends that promote or hamper the industry’s development. The speakers from Sber Group of Companies, CloudPayments, ITPS, Digital Design, Infosystems Jet and others took part in the review.

“Information is the material for process analytics. Most importantly, artificial intelligence can analyze the situation in real time, automatically controlling the manufacturing process for achieving the best results. The main effects include the reduction of deviations in manufacturing tasks, curtailment of accidents and emergencies, raising the quality and the amount of products manufactured by the enterprises with continuous production cycle”, outlined Dimitrii Romanov, ITPS Director for Digital Production, in an exclusive comment.

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