Implementation of Supplier Relationship Management System at JSC Vysokogorsky MPP

Implementation of Supplier Relationship Management System at JSC Vysokogorsky MPP


JSC Vysokogorsky Mining & Processing Plant enters the group of companies of R&D and Manufacturing Regional Organization “Ural”. It is the oldest mining and processing enterprise of the Urals and one of the largest mining enterprises in the region. 


Mining and processing 

Задачи проекта

Implementation of the supplier and contractor relationship management system with the following functional objectives:

  • Supplier database maintenance
  • Formation of the requirement and reference data
  • Carrying out competitive purchasing procedures 


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T-Systems CIS 


For 4 months from February to May 2014, ITPS* consultants, in collaboration with the colleagues from T-Systems CIS carried out initial investigation and analyzed business processes at JJSC Vysokogorsky MPP, worked out the design solution, system architecture, performed setting and additional inventions, designed roles, taught users, and prepared manuals for them. In the course of the project, ASAP implementation methods were used. 


  • Reduction of purchasing process time

  • Purchasing labor cost reduction

  • Increased competitiveness and transparency of purchases

  • Reduction of errors during document execution in the course of purchasing

Partner Feedback

"We express our gratitude to Parma-Telecom (ITPS) for high professionalism and ability of proper project implementation as soon as possible" 

CEO of T-Systems CIS A.Toskin

*- The project is completed by Parma-Telecom (ITPS)

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