About ITPS

Starting July, 20 2015  Parma-Telecom, IT Professional Solutions, ITPS Mid East, ITPS Asia, ITPS Al-Basrah and Algorel are operating under ITPS brand. Consolidation of expertise under a united brand allows to extend the potential of the group of companies in the field of management and IT consulting, engineering and system integration.

ITPS is a group of companies that established itself as a leading choice in the field of management and IT consulting, engineering and system integration for fuel and energy companies. Long-term experience and unique professional expertise in the oil and gas industry and a team of experts allow ITPS to implement comprehensive efficiency improvement and create conditions for successful business operations. 

Parma-Telecom, IT Professional Solutions, ITPS Mid East, ITPS Asia, ITPS Al-Basrah and Algorel continue operating under ITPS brand in Russia, Europe, Central Asia and in the Middle East, where they have become well-known to clients and partners for over 10 years of successful business activities.

ITPS offices in Moscow and Perm (Russia), Dubai (UAE), Aktau (Kazakhstan), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Basrah (Iraq) и Limassol (Cyprus) offer a consistent range of products and services and gurantee uniformly high quality standards that comply with global best practices and are evidenced in governmental licenses and international ISO 9001 certificates.

ITPS Business Dimensions:

  • Implementation and development of Corporate Information Systems (ERP, BI, SRM, ECM);

  • Implemenation of Enterprise Project Management Systems;

  • IT-support and production services.

    • Corporate Information Services Support 

    • Basic IT Services 

  • System Integration (Automated Enterprise Control Systems, Automated Process Control Systems, Automated Power Consumption Measurement Systems, IT and Telecommunications, Security Systems);

    • System Design

    • Equipment Procurement

    • Construction

  • Fuel and Energy Industry Solutions and Technologies.

Our Competitive Edge:

Verified High Employee Qualification

More than 400 people work at ITPS.  

More than 230 of them are involved in provision of consulting services, including:

• Corporate Information Systems Implementation consultants

• Project management specialists, project managers (operation leaders and value stream leaders)

• metrologists, Automated Process Control Systems design and operation professionals

• IT-support professionals

Professional qualifications of ITPS consultants, many of whom worked for international companies and possess invaluable global practical experience, allow to develop projects that comply with requirements of mid-size and large fuel and energy sector enterprises. 

More than 110 consultants carry professional SAP, Microsoft, OpenText, Oracle, EMC Documentum, PMI, IPMA and ITIL certificates. 

Close Rapport with Clients 

We establish close rapport with our clients and engage in cooperation with key stakeholders at each stage of project implementation in order to meet their specific business requirements. 
Industry knowledge allows us to give an adequate assessment of the client's requirements and offer optimal solutions always taking production specifics typical for different regions into consideration.

Dedicated Collaboration with Partners 

We value and nurture our long-term relationships with business partners that allow us to offer a full range of state-of-the-art effective and flexible IT and consulting services and solutions to our customers.

We work together with world leading software and process design developers and engineering companies. Our network of vendors, technology development and engineering partners comprises over 200 companies, including but not limited to:

  • Accenture


  • ENKA

  • Honeywell

  • Hyundai Engineering

  • IBM

  • Microsoft

  • Open Text

  • Oracle

  • Petroleum Experts

  • Samsung Engineering

  • SAP

  • Schlumberger

  • Technip

  • TOYO

  • Worley Parsons

Please, visit our Partners page to find out more.

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