Implementation of the first phase of automated manufacturing execution system development for Karakudukmunay

Implementation of the first phase of automated manufacturing execution system development for Karakudukmunay




Development of potential-based planning methodology based on the SAP ERP solution


LUIKOL Overseas Holding Ltd. is a subsidiary of LUKOIL, Russia's largest oil company, and represents its interests in the area of oil and gas production outside Russia. The activity of LUKOIL Overseas Holding Ltd. is performed in Azerbaidjan, Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan, Egypt, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Venezuela, Cote d'Ivoir.


Improvement of the performance of production processes and the corporate planning process within the holding.

Implementation Description

ITPS* experts and the client team developed a methodology in the following areas:

  1. Field potential assessment.
  2. Field development planning.
  3. Production optimization.


As part of methodology implementation works in Karakudukmunay ITPS* team created an analysis system based on the SAP ERP software providing the following possibilities:

  1. Calculation of the indicators of potential levels of output well capacity on the basis of data on the actual production of previous periods, telemetry sensors indicators, geological field features and research results.
  2. Ranking and selection of wells-candidates for geological and technical activities.
  3. Analysis of the well productivity flow in the previous periods.
  4. Analysis of the well works history.
  5. Initiation of geological and technical activities.
  6. Accounting of technological and geological losses in terms of every well.
  7. Analysis of production activity performance indicators.

Client's comment

"At all work execution stages ITPS* involved specialists having industry capabilities, high professional qualification and good communication skills, which led to the creation of an analysis system widely used by Karakudukmunay production specialists.
The project was implemented within the required timeframes and at the quality level meeting the requirements, which enables the use of project deliverables in other oil production companies."

Deputy General Director for Geology and Development A.Proshchenkov

*- The project was implemented by Parma-Telecom (ITPS)

Feedback on the implementation of the first phase of ASUP LOKhL development for TOO Karakudukmunay in terms of the PnoP methodology**

** The material is available in Russian version only

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