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ITPS group of companies offers a comprehensive solution AVIST.HSE for effective management of labour and industrial safety processes which provides for management of mobile resources, works in hazardous conditions and monitoring of employee health and stress levels with the help of personal devices, worn by the employees.

Personal devices (smart bracelets) allow for key indicators of employees' physical condition (pulse, fluid levels in the body, stress levels, energy balance, etc.) to be measured and monitored. All information is transferred to the Unified Dispatch Centre, and the data for a particular member of personnel is displayed in their mobile application. The system performs real-time analysis of the data on the basis of built-in intelligent algorithms and reports on any deviations in physical condition indicators of personnel, and also location and operation monitoring tasks performed by employees, as well as the required skills and clearances required for particular tasks, which helps to prevent emergency situations and ensures a rapid response to any events which arise. The comprehensive solution enables production safety and labour efficiency to be increased, personnel injury levels and health problems to be reduced the number of accidents to be minimized, and for the potential economic damage from abnormal situations at work to be significantly lowered.

Benefits from AVIST.HSE implementation: ​

  • Reducing the level of personnel health and injury risks.
  • Decrease in accident levels.
  • Accident-free and safe production.
  • Increase in labour productivity.
  • Streamlining of organizational processes for works’ preparation and execution.
  • Reduction of economic losses, increase in production efficiency.

AVIST technical support information
E-mail: support_avist at itps-russia.ru
Contact phone: + 7 (342) 235 3 275



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