Implementation of the first segment of ERP project for TOO Karakudukmunai

Implementation of the first segment of ERP project for TOO Karakudukmunai


Oil & Gas


A set of works aimed at the implementation of Energy Components software products of the Tieto company, Well View of the Peloton company and PI System of the OSI Soft company under the scope of the implementation of the first ERP project segment in TOO Karakudukmunai.


The Karakuduk oil field developed by TOO Karakudukmunai is located at 365 km to the North-East of the city of Aktau (Kazakhstan). The Soviet exploration geologists were the first to find oil there in 1972, but industrial development started only in 1998. Five years later the first million of tons of oil was extracted in 2003. In May, 2010 the accumulated extraction volume amounted to 7 mln. tons of oil. When the LUKOIL oil company arrived at the end of 2005, a new phase began in the development of TOO Karakudukmunai. Achieving higher results required the implementation of modern technologies in terms of IT support and infrastructure. The Parma Telecom LLC has been a strategic partner as regards the implementation and support of corporate project management systems, integrated management systems (ERP), automated process and enterprise control systems, IT services provision for all these years.


The automation of the production control system.

Implementation Description

The ERP functionality is aimed, first of all, at solving production tasks related to the extraction, processing and delivery of products, wells maintenance and drilling.

ITPS* specialists carried out the following works:

  • Study of well drilling and capital maintenance processes;
  • Study of the product extraction, transportation, treatment and delivery processes;
  • Study of the regulatory documents on production business processes and of reporting documents;
  • Interviews with specialists and managers:
  • Preparation of documents describing production business processes;
  • Approval of reporting forms of documents;
  • Launch of an ERP pilot model;
  • Putting the system in test operation;
  • System delivery and putting it in production operation;
  • Support and assistance to users during their work with the ERP.


TOO Karakudukmunai specialists note the usefulness of the system in their routine activity, the possibility of prompt review of history data, its importance for the production process analysis of the entire field in a retrospective period.

Client's comment

"In all phases of project implementation we noted the high level of ITPS* specialists' qualification and their competence in the oil and gas sector, which together with their ability to work with people and the ability to clearly explain information to system end users enabled us to obtain a high-quality result. The well-coordinated actions of ITPS* specialists let us implement this project within the established timeframes and at the due quality level, which gives us a possibility of using it in other oil companies."

Chief Execution Officer of TOO Karakudukmunai, S.Gurzhiy

*- The project was implemented by the Parma-Telecom company (ITPS Group)

Feedback on the implementation of the first segment of the ERP project for TOO Karakudukmunai on the basis of the Tieto Energy Components and Peloton Well View software**

** The material is available in Russian version only


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