Implementation of the Transmittal Management system based on Extended Transmittal Management for OpenText Livelink for LUKOIL Mid-East

Implementation of the Transmittal Management system based on Extended Transmittal Management for OpenText Livelink for LUKOIL Mid-East


Oil & Gas


Implementation of the Transmittal Management functionality (engineering design documentation flow management) based on Extended Transmittal Management for OpenText Livelink for LUKOIL Mid East.


LUKOIL Overseas Holding is an actively developing oil & gas company, a component and international projects operator of the vertically integrated LUKOIL oil company. The functions of the company having its headquarters in Moscow and subsidiaries/representation offices in 16 countries include search for and subsequent development of oil & gas fields outside the Russian Federation.


The main objective of the engineering design documentation (PTD) management project in technical terms was to create a tool to:

  • improve the performance of project documentation consideration and approval activities under the conditions of a great information volume and geographically distributed project teams;
  • structurally store both the documentation and the history of its approval with subsequent effective access to it if required;
  • guarantee the integrity, relevance, reliability, safety of project documentation at all project lifecycle stages.

In organization terms the main project objective was to develop and implement a business process that would be common on the holding level and the related regulatory and methodological documentation flow.

Implementation Description

It was decided to implement the electronic engineering design documentation flow in the existing software environment. To implement the engineering design documentation functions the software platform was integrated with a specialized OpenText Transmittal Management module and a tool enabling the commenting of both PDF documents and technical formats documents: OpenText Brava Viewer.
One of the first stages of work was the modelling of the target engineering design documentation flow management process. The current engineering design documentation flow organization during capital construction projects was analyzed.
As a result, the project in Uzbekistan was chosen because the most substantial groundwork had been performed there. Then during a serious and thorough finalization process the ToR model was optimized and refined.
The ToR requirements were realized in an iterative manner: the project team implemented part of the functionality as another prototype iteration which was demonstrated to the PTD processes unification team. During the demonstration the requirements were specified and developed, the terms of reference was refined.


The key system revisions were:

  • the automation of the process for the receipt, registration, attributes completeness and correctness control of the engineering design documentation transferred from the EPC contractor;
  • defining tasks related to engineering design documentation approval according to the responsibility allocation matrix;
  • organization of joint work of geographically remote holding departments employees with the documents;
  • controlling the execution of documents reconciliation tasks by users;
  • realization of a solution for files commenting in different formats;
  • realization of search by all engineering design documentation categories.

Now the system is functioning in a centralized architecture and covers over 1,400 users in Russia, Uzbekistan, the Netherlands, Iraq and UAE. All the involved holding enterprises work with a common document base, which substantially simplifies the implementation of different business processes involving several enterprises.

Client's comment

"The engineering design documentation flow process organization and automation is not a tribute to some "trends" but a vital need for LUKOIL Overseas"

Timofey Lyashenko, Head of the Engineering Design Support of Infrastructure Projects, Chief of the PTD Processes Unification Team, MF LUKOIL Overseas Service B.V.

*- The project was implemented by the Parma-Telecom company (ITPS Group)

Article. Projects Acceleration, Information Service Director** Success Story. OpenText extends the possibilities of the corporate document flow systems of the LUKOIL Overseas company

** The material is available in Russian version only

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