Implementation of the "Sbyt" Management Information System for the LUKOIL-INFORM LLC on the basis of the 1C: Enterprise 8.0 platform

Implementation of the


Oil & Gas


Providing consulting services as part of the "Sales" enterprise management system implementation on the 1C platform: Enterprise 8.0.


LUKOIL-INFORM is the parent organization for the IT support of the LUKOIL Group activity. Its objectives include the development, implementation and maintenance of information systems in the vertically integrated oil company "LUKOIL", production and technological processes management systems, ensuring corporate information security, telecommunication infrastructure development and servicing. LUKOIL-INFORM is one of the largest Russian telecom operators at the IT service market, co-operating with the leading glocal companies of this industry.


Ensuring the project manageability, transparency and the relevant quality of decisions made

Implementation Description

During the project implementation the following works were executed:

- planning and co-ordination of works and activities, reconciliation with the Client's current works;
- analysis of implemented business processes in 1C: Enterprise Accounting 8";
- development of document loading schemes:

  • material flow;
  • fixed assets acceptance for registration;
  • inventory write-off;
  • sales of assets, inventory and services;
  • materials write-off from operation.

- development of a scheme for the loading of the "Financial documents receipt" document;
- renumbering of the loaded documents "Entry of VAT opening balances by lots";
- identification and elimination of the causes of incorrect behaviour of the documents "Entry of VAT opening balances by lots";
- Testing the loading rules, analysis of data correctness in staging tables, adjustment of the loading rules of the «Financial documents receipt» document;
- development of the rules for selecting the loaded "Inventory registration" documents according to the Client's requirements;
- filling in the tax accounting document details: documents reposting;
- development of additional processings for residues loading;
- transfer of the data of the «Material flow» and «Inventory registration» documents;
- creation and editing of users in the system (about 200 people):

  • roles assignment (from 1 to 32 positions); rights modification;
  • system parameters setting to create a possibility for a group of users to work with the data of four subsidiaries (by default a user can only work with its organization);

- programming additional processings and support for turnovers loading to 1C8 in Ekaterinburg (LUKOIL-Inform LLC):

  • downloading the "Materials issuance act" documents from 1C7, uploading them to 1C8
  • consulting employees on 1C8;
  • downloading the "Materials write-off act" documents from 1C7 and uploading them to 1C8
  • downloading the "Materials handover to production in terms of working clothes" documents from 1C7 and uploading them to 1C8.


During the project its manageability, the transparency and the relevant quality of decisions made, in terms of both work organization and technical execution, was ensured.

Client's comment

"Successful work aimed at providing consulting services as part of the "Sales" enterprise management system implementation in the LUKOIL-Inform LLC on the platform of 1C: Enterprise 8.0. confirms good preparation and qualification of the Parma-Telecom LLC personnel able to ensure the organization of IT project works, offer efficient solutions for the management, control and implementation of works.»

Deputy ITO Manager, Privalop R.P.

Feedback on the implementation of the "Sales" system in the LUKOIL-INFORM LLC**

** The material is available in Russian version only

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