The results of the 6th annual conference "The Asset Lifecycle. Standardization. Integration. Intellectualization”

November 26, 2014

On November 26, 2014, in Moscow, at the conference "The Asset Lifecycle. Standardization. Integration. Intellectualization” the representatives of capital-intensive industries (oil and gas, power, industrial, managing and investment holdings, IT-service companies) discussed the matters of effective asset management in the light of modern trends.

The conference gathered over 100 delegates, including the representatives of Mosenergo, LUKOIL, FSK EES, Gazprom, State Corporation Rosatom, Rosneftk, Yamal SPG, Tomskneft, GSI-Giprokauchuk, Angarsk Petrochemical Company, etc. Over 130 delegates from Russia, UAE, Norway, and other countries of the world joined the online broadcasting of the conference.

For the 6th consecutive time the conference was organized by Parma-Telecom (ITPS Group), having invited its customers and partners to discuss the current matters in the area of asset management using modern information technologies.

The event included 3 specialized sessions: “Standards and Methodology” block, “Integrated Solutions” block, “Intellectualization” block.

In the first block “Standards and Methodology” the reports were made by the leading ideologists in the area of standard-based risk management and production assets management, including Igor Kryukov (Technical Standardization Committee No. 86 – the developer of the Russian analog to ISO/ТК251 Asset Management), Anatoly Levenchuk (Russian department of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), Mikhail Rogov (Eurasian Federation of Risk Managers (EFORM)).

In the second block “Integrated Solutions” the speakers from LUKOIL and Parma-Telecom (ITPS Group) presented to the delegates actual cases of business processes automation on the example of one of the world largest oilfields – the Western Qurna 2 (Iraq). NIAEP Atomstroyexport shares its vision of the future, having described its experience of the development and application of Multi-D technologies in managing the lifecycle of a complex engineering asset. OpenText discussed the technologies of risk mitigation and improvement of document management efficiency in large capital projects.

The third block “Intellectualization” focused on the currently important topic of integrated modelling. The experts of Parma-Telecom (ITPS Group) and SAP told about their own developments in this area, and an expert from LUKOIL-Western Siberia presented its experience in the area of applying the tools of integrated modelling in oil and gas fields. Also, the attendees discussed the technologies of managing an oil and gas field in real time (a joint report by LUKOIL Overseas and Parma-Telecom (ITPS Group)), the use of innovative tools for managing the infrastructure of an oil and gas producing asset (report by Accenture) and the technologies of monitoring the state of equipment in real time (report by OsiSoft).

Andrey Gnezdilov, Commercial Director of Parma-Telecom (ITPS Group): “Today, the experts talk more about the need of a complex approach to asset management using modern technologies. Year on year at the conferences held by Parma-Telecom (ITPS Group), this topic is at the foundation and we try to draw the delegates' attention to it. At this conference we reviewed the asset lifecycle in terms of three main trends – standardization, integration and intellectualization. The discussion of practical experience of our customers on the automation of various business processes and the exchange of opinions between the representatives of various industries have proven yet again the value of such IT-projects for the improvement of production efficiency”.


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