Integrated approach to EPC projects

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We offer our clients an integrated approach to EPC projects management. Our project experience, resource base, qualifications of a service provider working with the leading global EPC contractors and our IT support tools let us implement projects to a high quality standard, in a timely manner and in accordance with the investment program.

  • Single point of responsibility for the integrated solution
  • End-to-end integration throughout the project
  • Consistent and standardized solutions
  • Early stage involvement
  • Consistent pricing policy


Benefits of working with the ITPS:

  • Advanced project management
  • Vendor-independent approach
  • Advanced IT support (CAD, PDMS, Portals)
  • Closer customer coordination
  • Consistent architecture
  • Strict compliance of solutions with the established targets
  • Multi-disciplinary resources



EPC project system integrator functions:

  • Project management
    • Contracts management
    • Project coordination
    • Risk management
    • Technical supervision
    • Standards and best practices
  • Project implementation
    • IT and telecommunications
    • ICSS and PMS
    • Security systems
  • Project support
    • Coordination support
    • Project management support
    • Project IT support

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