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The ITPS group of companies has been working with oil and gas companies for more than ten years and is highly skilled when it comes to introducing complex information systems at oilfield service enterprises. We offer our own methodology for management reorganization and business process automation tools that allows us to reduce costs and optimize oilfield service company operations.

Factors impacting oilfield service company business:

  • the drop in the oil price;
  • consolidation of oilfield service businesses;
  • increased market competition.

The main problem with existing management systems in oilfield services companies is the lack of an integrated model for business processes, as a result of which each division operates according to its own separate regulations and generates information without any connection of it to the activities of other departments.

The common practice of patchy implementation of different supplier systems to automate various processes exacerbates the problem of gaps in information and, as a result, insufficient speed and quality when it comes to decision-making.

Only a comprehensive approach to the reconfiguration of a management system, in which all processes and information flows are integrated into a single interface will enable a company to be truly efficient and retain a competitive market edge, as well as allowing it to increase labour productivity and gain a bigger market share.

A key condition for successful management is ensuring the linkage of all company processes and construction of a unified information and decision-making funnel.

What does ITPS offer?

  • Integrated project management.  
  • Implementation of IT solutions for project management.
  • Methods for calculating and monitoring works’ completion time.
  • Software management tools.
  • Integration of all automated control systems into a single framework for the transfer of information in real time to accounting systems and forecasting models time (production programme performance, market situation, etc.).

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