Project Planning and Implementation Control System

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The purpose of the system is to ensure successful implementation of the projects within the approved deadlines, the optimal distribution of resources for the project’s organization.

The solution enables the following:

  • Drafting projects’ implementation schedules based on templates (of standard work schedules) that take into account business specifics, standard risks.
  • Creating scope of works in accordance with the requirements and outline of the project content.
  • Devising a work breakdown structure (WBS) in compliance with the regulations, making sure that redundancy in all levels of works is avoided and ensure consistency between works levels ("subsidiaries" to the "parent"), correlation between works, avoiding of works’ duplication.
  • Clear distribution of functions between participants within project planning and implementation, allocation of personal accountability for the result.
  • Automation of development workflows and approval of calendar schedules, processing requests for their modification.
  • Automated collection and verification of information on the status of works, display of errors through the system indicators.
  • Formation of analytical reports on project execution in various profiles and formats.
  • Accumulating information and knowledge on the implemented projects and activities to be further used in planning.
  • Integrating the solution’s information system with other corporate business applications, containing necessary information.

Benefits of the solution

  • Decrease in the number of projects not executed on time;
  • Reduction in time required for drafting and approving schedules for projects and activities.
  • Improving planning quality (model plans thus contain regulatory deadlines, reflect business specifics, incorporate risk management activities).
  • Tactical identification of critical errors and problem areas.
  • Preventing time delays in management decision-making.
  • Improving project activities’ efficiency by:
    • detailed project scheduling;
    • optimal allocation of human resources for projects, cost accounting;
    • drawing on expertise of previously-implemented projects;
    • automation of processes for drafting and approval of project documents;
    • control over assignment execution;
    • formation of flexible analytical reporting for monitoring projects progress.

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