Project Asset Management System

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The purpose of the system is to ensure effective development of an asset, according to the strategy, at all stages of its life cycle.

The system is developed taking into account the requirements of international project management standards (IPMA, PMI, etc.), which incorporate global best practices in project management, and comply with the provisions of ISO 55000 standards in asset management.

The solution provides for the following:

  • design of Roadmaps for asset development (Roadmap);
  • parametric quality assessment for preparing key decisions on the asset;
  • calculation of financial and economic indicators of the asset when making key decisions;
  • identification and assessment of risks, integration of risk minimization activities into the asset Working Program;
  • development and monitoring of implementation within the consolidated time schedule of actions and projects performed in relation to the asset;
  • formation of a single-window information space for the asset, knowledge management, presentation of analytical information about the asset (Dashboard).

Benefits of the solution

At the level of portfolio manager, asset manager:

  • ensures planning is carried out for key decision-making throughout the life cycle of the asset, according to the strategy;
  • the decisions taken are subjected to a comprehensive assessment (in terms of economic efficiency, risks, and quality of decision preparation);
  • regulated control is performed on the established plans;
  • the team work is coordinated and personal accountability for the result is established;
  • historical information on the asset is gathered.

At the level of executives (line managers) on works:

  • an ability to builds models for "what if" situations;
  • accumulated information on works is processed in one place and available for analysis;
  • reporting is entered into the information system once and then made available to all authorized users.

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