Document Flow Management (ECM)

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Increase efficiency of document flow, ensure reliable storage, processing and delivery of documents within a company. ECM is compatible with documents of different formats and types throughout their life cycle. By implementing and supporting enterprise content management systems, we automate the following processes:

Management document flow:

  • Processing correspondence and performance monitoring.
  • Approving, issuing and publishing organizational and managerial documentation as well as regulatory and procedural documents.
  • Processing internal correspondence (memos).
  • Contract management (preparation, approval, storage, follow-up and archiving).
  • Supporting governing boards, including the Board, the Board of Directors and subsidiary management bodies.

Production management flow:

  • Managing processes such as development, approval and storage of design and construction documentation with the support of company experts, EPC suppliers (engineering, procurement and construction) and external experts.
  • Collective review and feedback on design documents.
  • Bulk processing of documents.
  • Storage of design and operational documents for a specific production facility in SAP ERP.

Automated processing of supplier invoices and VAT invoices

  • Reduces time spent approving documents.
  • Ensures costs in a business accounting system are updated in real time.
  • Reduces time lag and discrepancies in costs between accounting and production departments.
  • Enables for contract orders to be reviewed in order to initiate the approval process, thus reducing delays due to document flow.


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