Mobile resource management

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The purpose of the system is the efficient planning of service personnel operations performed in companies, using mobile crews to execute works. 

The solution allows for selection of the most suitable employees for the task and plans their work schedule in accordance with pre-established business rules.

The system is successfully used for: 

Resource management:

  • Raising awareness of the location, contents and conditions of works.
  • Reduction of time for tasks planning.
  • Increase the efficiency of resources use.

Operational efficiency:

  • Planning and control of works execution.
  • Mobile registration of round checks and evaluation of technical status data.
  • Registration of revealed deviations and failures.
  • Personnel informational support when deviations are detected.
  • Planning and allocation of resources and contractors for the works.
  • Monitoring of the current state of works and report generation.

Potential benefits 

  • Increased productivity of field staff due to better utilization of resources by 15-50%.
  • Reduction in overtime by 15-65%


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