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Integrated planning is the process of developing an optimally integrated plan based on existing production plans; monitoring implementation of the integrated plan based on actual information; and putting together an operational forecast for fulfilling target production indicators for the planning period, taking into account specific constraints in terms of technology, resources, logistics and economics.

The integrated planning process is most effective for industries with numerous core and production support services, such as oil and gas production, exploration, oilfield services, energy sector, etc.

The AVIST.Planning module is designed to automate the process of integrated planning and provide decision support in the implementation of operational production management. AVIST.Planning can be used for various time timeframes (from one day up to several years) and provides a link between all planning timeframes.

The module automates the main stages of integrated planning, including but not limited to:

  • creation and consolidation of production departments’ functional plans;
  • optimization, coordination and approval of the integrated plan;
  • management of limitations and criteria for the plan implementation;
  • viewing and detection of clashes manually and automatically;
  • monitoring of the integrated plan implementation and its timely adjustment;
  • plan implementation forecast for all planning timeframes;
  • risk analysis for the implementation of activities;
  • planning effectiveness analysis.

AVIST.Planning allows creation of a unified planning environment for all activities in the enterprise, and continual improvement of the planning process based on multi-criteria and multi-purpose optimization.

Results of using AVIST.Planning

  • Less time spent on maintaining integrated plan.
  • Improvement in the quality and accuracy of planning (up to 25%).
  • Fewer planning errors due to the human factor, due to automatic conflict detection.
  • Automatic optimization of schedules, considering compatibility, technological systems and facilities, gives a potential reduction of production shortfalls (up to 3%).
  • Increased equipment up-time by extension of period between overhauls (reduction of well shutdowns up to 20%).
  • Optimization of operating costs for equipment maintenance and resource mobilization (up to 10%).

Integrated production planning system AVIST.Planning has been included in the Unified Register of Russian Software for Computers and Databases at the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation. Link to the registry entry: https://reestr.minsvyaz.ru/reestr/167273/.

AVIST technical support information
E-mail: support_avist@itps-russia.ru
Contact phone: + 7 (342) 206 0 675

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