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Implementing Vendor Invoice Management for LUKOIL Overseas

Implementing SAP Vendor Invoice Management by Open Text for LUKOIL Overseas

Project Objectives

  1. No functionality to monitor invoice approval and status
  2. Delays in invoice approval
  3. A lot of stakeholders involved in the invoice approval process who are based in different offices (including offices with different time zones)
  4. Contractors complaining about delayed payments 

Open Text Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) was the preferred solution because, at the time, the customer was already using other Open Text products. The customer wanted it to be integrated with the SAP ERP accounting and invoice payment system. 

ITPS developed functionality for approving incoming invoices and integrated it with the invoice accounting and payment system which includes:

  • Standard approval routes and ability to add other stakeholders, if necessary
  • Process monitoring
  • Automatic document verification for compliance with contract terms (value, item costs), prevention of duplicate documents
  • Ability to use a web interface, if necessary
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Invoices reflected in accounting system
  • Reporting and output forms


SAP IM by Open Text


  • Creation of an integrated document storage system
  • Reduction in time spent approving documents from 20-30 days to 5-10 days
  • Costs automatically reflected in the accounting system
  • Reduction in time lags between costs in the accounting system and reports from production departments

** The material is available in Russian version only

Customer Feedback

“Industry competence and qualified staff were instrumental to aiding Parma-Telecom LLC fully carry out the works under strict deadlines, and the Customer was provided with an efficient tool for managing the approval process of incoming documents and reducing the risk of reporting delays due to the distance between unit locations.”

Chief Accountant, R. Kiselev.

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