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  • Developing and implementing a corporate and regulatory reporting system based on SAP BI for the Iraq Oil Ministry


Developing and implementing a corporate and regulatory reporting system based on SAP BI for the Iraq Oil Ministry

Project Objectives

  • Creation of a single data collection and storage point for generating reports by integrating storage data with production data systems and sources. 
  • Automation of corporate and regulatory reporting using automatic algorithms for generation of performance data
  • Reduction in man-hours spent generating reports by using user-friendly reporting tools which allow customer personnel to view reports based on defined parameters.
  • Creating a single web-interface for quick and easy access to reports.
  • Ensuring role-based delegation of responsibilities for report generation and access.
  • Provision of user training and support for those getting started with using the reporting system.


  • SAP BI
  • SAP BO

The solution is designed to automate the processes of preparation, approval and submission of reports. A single point of data collection and storage ensures typification of attributes and measures within data storage. 

The solution supports operational processing and analysis of large volumes of operating and historical data to create multi-dimensional analytical reports based on business algorithms.

Personnel with appropriate access rights can analyze historical and actual data at different data breakdown levels. 

These are the steps of using the system:

  • Collection of input data — This step involves collection and consolidation of data at the level of data sources (information systems).
  • Processing (transformation) of data – This step involves processing and cleaning of data obtained from information systems.
  • Report preparation – This step involves creating final reports from processed data using templates and algorithms. 
  • Report generation – This step involves generating necessary reports at a specified interval based on customer procedures.


  • Increased efficiency and quality of decision-making by high and mid-level managers by eliminating inconsistencies of information at different levels
  • Enhancement of company manageability through increased control over informational changes
  • Reduced man-hours for data collection and report generation

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