Managing reference data in LUKOIL Mid-East Ltd.

Project Objectives

Implementing functionalities used to optimize business processes for maintaining equipment inventories, spare parts and material master data as well as standards for maintenance and repair in SAP ERP as part of the "Managing Reference Data" project for LUKOIL Mid-East Ltd.

During the project, ITPS provided the following services:

  • Developed a procedure for keeping mater data
  • Ensured automatic tracking of duplicate master data
  • Developed a comprehensive tool for searching materials within master data across all manufacturer names and parameters 
  • Added functionality for exporting and analyzing material master data with MRP parameters and all descriptions
  • Developed a functionality for bulk updating of material master data
  • Created master data for production facility types, catalogues of facility parts, damage criteria and causes. To increase data accuracy and reduce man-hours, ITPS ensured that catalogues are determined automatically based on ID code of equipment
  • Developed classifications for field location and equipment unit master data, which enables users to describe and search for maintenance and repair items using specific sets of technical and operational characteristics
  • Added functionality to automatically create equipment units when new materials arrive at a warehousing facility
  • Added a functionality which automatically generates measurement points when an item is created to register dynamic performance parameters of equipment
  • Added search functionality by specification of field location, equipment unit or material


The implemented solutions helped users of LUKOIL Mid-East Ltd. to improve the quality of data cataloguing for equipment units, spare parts, materials and MRO standards. In addition, they reduced time spent on decision-making with regard to amending master data.

** The material is available in Russian version only

Customer Feedback

"Thanks to the project implemented at LUKOIL Mid-East Ltd., the quality of reference manuals for equipment, spare parts, materials and maintenance standards was significantly improved. In addition, the time for reference materials’ approvals has decreased."
Asset Integrity CMMS Engineer, A. Semenov

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