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Kalina Group OJJSC

Engineering of data storage for analytical reports formation implemented on SAP BI for “Kalina Group” ojjsc

Creation of a data warehouse for the creation of analytical reports based on SAP BI

Project Objectives

The main implementation objective was to improve the performance of the Group departments in terms of management reporting, financial results analysis and preparation of analysis information for management decision making.

The project was implemented in the SAP NetWeaver 7.0 environment in the SAP R/3, SAP BI systems.

During the project implementation the Parma-Telecom LLC performed a pre-project study and prepared the technical specifications. The project works included: building a target model of the SAP BI warehouse data, creating and activating the required data sources of external systems (SAP R/3, ORACLE DB, FLATFILE). Setup of data flows (transformation, update rules, packages), creation of process chains for daily automatic loading of master data, texts (registers) and transaction data of management reporting, and the implementation of the user authorities allocation model.


The analytical possibilities of the solution included over 50 reporting forms based on such data as: actual sales of finished goods of the Group, actual second sales of finished goods, planned/forecast sales of finished goods, planned initial cost of finished goods, actual demand for finished goods etc.

A subsystem for the accrual of bonuses to Group dealers was developed as part of the solution. The subsystem enabled regulated calculation of different bonuses to dealers according to approved algorithms, with a four-level approval system; the possibility to record Actual NET sales in management reporting, providing dealers with protocols based on the amounts of accrued bonuses and the data of cost contracts loaded to the data warehouse.  That tool allowed arranging and substantially accelerating the process of mutual payments with hthe group clients, improving the relationships among departments responsible for the calculation and use of bonuses, reducing expenses due to the transparency and regulation of the trade policy rules used as basis for the bonus calculation algorithms.

* The project was implemented by the Parma-Telecom company (ITPS Group)

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