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KarakudukMunai LLP

Implementation of the first segment of ERP project for KarakudukMunai LLP

Development of an integrated solution for managing geological and engineering activities, analyzing well potential and real-time production accounting based on SAP, OSIsoft, Peloton and TietoEnator.

Project Objectives

  1. Creation of a work station for geologists and engineers to help them manage all geological and engineering activities
  2. Functionality for calculating data for specific geological and engineering activities
  3. Real-time production accounting and well stock management
  4. Development of tools for analyzing and calculating well potential

Implementation period: 2 years

Number of system users: 20

Departments that will use the system:

  • production and engineering
  • geology and exploration
  • economy and planning
  • production


  • Development of a system and procedures for using performance indicators for geological and engineering activities in SAP ERP
  • Integration of MES (PI System, Energy Components & Well View) and SAP ERP with the aim of transferring basic well performance data (planned, actual, and distributed ones) in the form of measurement documents.
  • Customization of standard documents of the MRO module in SAP ERP to reflect actual performance and achieved results from geological and engineering activities.
  • Development of interactive reports and output print forms to help analyze performance against both a basic annual plan of geological and engineering activities and its current version (creating versions for a plan of geological and engineering activities).
  • Creation of a work station for geologist and engineer which supports the following standard functional business processes: managing a well stock; uploading and monitoring of planned and actual well performance data; managing research activities; managing geological and engineering activities; calculating losses.

Customer Feedback

"In all phases of project implementation we noted the high level of ITPS* specialists' qualification and their competence in the oil and gas sector, which together with their ability to work with people and the ability to clearly explain information to system end users enabled us to obtain a high-quality result. The well-coordinated actions of ITPS* specialists let us implement this project within the established timeframes and at the due quality level, which gives us a possibility of using it in other oil companies."

Chief Execution Officer of KarakudukMunai LLP, S.Gurzhiy

* The project was implemented by the Parma-Telecom company (ITPS Group)

** The material is available in Russian version only

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