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"Tender Procedure Automation and Agreement Approval Procedure Streamlining Using the SharePoint Portal Tools" project implementation

Development of the company's corporate portal, tender procedure automation and approval processes streamlining using the Sharepoint portal tools for the PermNIPINeft LLC.

Project Objectives

Automation of the PermNIPINeft LLC tender procedure and streamlining approval processes using the Microsoft SharePoint portal tools.

The company's tender procedure automation process was set up using the SharePoint portal tools with the help of Workflow technologies. A common information space was realized for the storage of all tender documents and for tender procedure control, and preliminary notifications of process participants using email tools were set up. The tender decision making process was simplified, process control by the management was implemented. The company's documents approval process was streamlined, the procedure for delegating documents approval tasks was added, including feedback through SharePoint tools using the Workflow technologies, in addition consolidated (report) forms of the agreement approval process were set up.


The Parma-Telecom LLC company specialists performed work related to the automation of solutions in the area of the management of the Company's tender procedures organization process, the approval of tenders by the tender committee members, real-time process control by the management was ensured.

As a result of the tender procedure automation:

  • a common information space was created allowing to see the status of tenders and the related reporting documentation required for them, as well as ensuring maximum prompt approval of tenders inside the company.
  • a common template for reference tender information maintenance was developed.
  • the "Tender procedures organization" business process was developed.
  • the following documents were prepared: "Tender Procedures Organization" business process description, Role structure of the procedure, Instruction on working in an automated procedure, Report forms description, Example of tender procedures organization in an information system.
  • a task delegation process for the "agreements approval" procedure was developed and set up in the information system.

Customer Feedback

"The well-coordinated activities of the Parma-Telecom LLC specialists as part of the project team allowed achieving substantial results in the process of the implementation of new business processes executed in the company.
We express our special gratitude to the Parma-Telecom LLC specialists participating in the project implementation for their personal contribution, their professionalism, their perfect teamwork ability and efficient communication with the project team of our company."

Chief Executive Officer of the OermNIPINeft LLC N. A. Lyadova

* The project was implemented by the Parma-Telecom company (ITPS Group)

** The material is available in Russian version only

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